Family Weekend, Delicious Food, and a Juice Cleanse

This week has involved spending lots of time with family and friends!

My mom has been off from work for a week now because of a knee injury she’s trying to take care of so this week we’ve been spending lots of quality time together. Yay!

On Sunday, my family and I went to California’s Great America, a theme park not too far from where we live. I’ve been going there since I was very little. It was my first theme park before visiting Disneyland.

This year Great America is celebrating their 40th Anniversary, so it was nice to spend a day with family at the park. It also wasn’t very crowded which was surprising since it is summer and we went on a weekend.

On Monday night, my family along with my aunt and her family, attended an Off the Grid Event in Palo Alto. Off the Grid was started not too long ago. Its a company that bring 5 or more restaurants with taco trucks to a location in a city. I went for the first time last year in Menlo Park and it was delicious! The food was great and the atmosphere was fantastic! Many families go together or you can just go with your friends to enjoy some great new foods and live music!

At the Palo Alto location they had Mexican, Thai, BBQ, Burgers, Garlic Noodles, and a cookie ice cream truck. I had some great Thai food with chicken and rice!


I also went to go see a movie with my friends Monday night with my girlfriends. We saw the  new Amy Schumer movie, TRAINWRECK. It was AMAZING! I laughed so much! Its both a comedy and a romance movie. Girls go with your girlfriends or take your boyfriends too! When we went to see it it was a full house! The theater was packed and not just with women there were men there too.

Last week and this week have been a bit rough for me because I haven’t been able to loose the last 10 stubborn pounds. I’ve been doing my research and reading online that these are the hardest ones to loose and boy do I believe the writers! I’ve read that its recommended to lower your calorie intake or to do a cleanse or detox. So I’ve decided to try  a cleanse and my mom is joining me!

We are doing the 10 Day Green Juice Cleanse by JJ Smith.


My mom bought the book at Target, but it’s also available online on Amazon.

Click HERE for some more information about the cleanse

I’ll keep you all posted on how things go!