A Rodeo in East Palo Alto, a Tailgating, and a Baseball Game!

This weekend was a weekend for many firsts! I attended and did things I had ever done before, but before sharing  let me tell you about my 8 mile run Saturday morning!

Saturday morning I went on a beautiful 8 mile run at Sawyer Trail Camp. Its located off 92, near Belmont.

If you don’t run its still recommend you go out and walk it or take your bike out on a beautiful ride.


The trail was gorgeous and  the weather was perfect for running. There was a slight cold breeze, the sun was out, but in all it was perfect for a long run. I also completed the run at my best pace in 10:30! When running at the gym I usually run 12 minute miles, but it felt so good to know that I run a much faster pace than that!


My first adventure was in East Palo Alto, where a friend and I attended a rodeo. Yes thats right a rodeo! Who would have thought to have a rodeo near  Palo Alto?!?

The rodeo was nice, the presentation was great and watching people ride was amazing and scary. I have no idea how people have the guts to ride the bulls. We saw men of all ages ride, boys, teens, and men!


Overall the night was alright. We arrived a bit too early and ended up waiting almost three hours before it started. It was also really cold and we weren’t prepared at all for that type of weather.

My second adventure was tailgating my first Giants Game!

I got to go to a San Francisco’s Giants Game for free! (Thanks to a friend!). She and her boyfriend were attending the game with some of his co-workers from Facebook and one of their friends ended up canceling last minute so she invited me! I was so excited!

image2Although it was cold in Palo Alto, the weather in the city was great! It wasn’t too cold or too hot. The day was beautiful.


At the tailgate they had chicken, tortillas, chips, and salsa, and lots of beer.


The funny thing about the tailgate was that we weren’t prepared. They didn’t have any utensils, napkins, or anything to turn the meat with fortunately we were close enough to walk to Safeway and buy everything we needed! Since I was on my juice cleans I didn’t eat or drink what they had, instead I bought some carrots and cashews too munch on during the game.

Once I arrived home I was exhausted but it was a wonderful Sunday and I was very happy with how my weekend went!