2016 Rose Bowl: Stanford vs Iowa

Well I can officially cross something off my bucket list!

Attend a Rose Bowl Game

Yep, I went to the Stanford v Iowa game!

This was all possible thanks to my childhood and long time best friend Kimberley, her family, and our hometown football team, the Stanford Cardinals.
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The entire experience was fantastic. It was a long day, but so worth it!
We ended up traveling in the morning, taking a flight at 6:40 am on January 1, from San Jose to the LAX airport. We got picked up by her parents, who are both Stanford alumni, stopped for some breakfast and coffee, and made our way to the stadium.
At the stadium we tailgated with many other Stanford Alumni, we had a great time and heard so many crazy stories about college life at Stanford.
The atmosphere at the stadium was incredible. First of all there were so many more Iowa fans then Stanford fans…booooo!  My aunt and uncle, both watched the game on television and said they definitely noticed more yellow than red. Here’s a pictures to prove it!
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.11.31 PM.png
On to the game – The game was AMAZING! This was hands down, the best football game I’ve attended.
We scored in the first few seconds, well Christian McCaffrey did. McCaffrey broke a Rose Bowl record for all-purpose yards in a game (368) and was named Rose Bowl Offensive MVP (not very surprising to us Stanford fans). This player is a beast, and also a pretty good looking man himself…

For those of you who didn’t know him this man has some serious athletic genes in his family. His mother and father both attended Stanford and were NCAA athletes, his father football and mom soccer, and his maternal grandfather was also an olympic runner.

Here’s a video GIF you can watch of the first touchdown!
GIF credit: ESPN
This is another incredible play during the second quarter. This play is called the “Hot Guy”. Apparently it’s been in their playbook for six years! I guess they’ve been waiting for the perfect time to use it and this was it. Here is fake fumble.
Another great part of the game aside was the half time show! For those of you who may not know, Stanford has a very unique band, they are not like any other band. They have a very unique sense of humor, they don’t march, and they use commentators during their performance.
In the Rose Bowls half time show, not only did they bring out a cow which they tipped, they also made fun of farmers, the farmers dating site – farmers.com.
Photo cred to Sean M. Haffey, Getty Images.
I couldn’t find a clear video of the half time show, but here you can read one of the published where they describe the half time performance in great detail.
The rest of the night consisted of more celebrating, eating, and more celebrating. I’d  write more, but I’m being called back to keep celebrating the great victory!
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