New Original Series on Netflix

I’ve you’ve watched the HBO documentary ‘The Jinx’ and/or the podcast ‘Serial’ (the first season) this Netflix documentary, ‘Making a Murderer’, is for you.

I started and finished watching it over the Holiday break. Let’s just saw I was hooked, I finished it in two days.


The 10 hour series is about Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man, who was’s been battling with the justice system for three decades. He was convicted of rape and other crimes in 1985, he served 18 years in prison, and has been a prime exhibit for the importance of innocence project investigations. However, two years after his release he was then charged with murder and is now sentenced to life in prison.

Today, this documentary has gained so much media attention! There are petitions go around, some of the jurors have spoken out, and some of Avery’s lawyers.

Here are some articles you can read about the case: