A Year filled of Reunions on Netflix!

Never did I think that I would be so excited to watch so much Netflix. This year is defientely one of the busiest years for the company. Not only is Fuller House coming at the end of the month and the new season of Orange is the New Black in June, but Netflix has announced that a limited series of Gilmore Girls is currently in the works and that House of Cards has been renewed for a fifth season! I AM SO EXCITED!

CZ630rmUMAI-NUN.jpg-smallThe News of the return of Netflix was released through a twitter picture. A picture posted by Netflix which left some people confused and questioning if it was really happening, but shortly after Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) posted a picture with a jacket from the original Gilmore Girls set, confirming that they are both going back to work soon. Netflix has not yet confirmed when the season will debut, but hey it’s already been confirm that its in the work and with that I can be happy!

12565505_994734933882606_7426365735529205816_nFor those that have not yet started watching House of Cards, start watching it! I completely recommend it. There are currently three season and you still have a month to catch up before season four (release date is march fourth, right before my birthday!). It doesn’t matter if you don’t follow politics, maybe you don’t like politics, it doesn’t matter because this show has so much drama and lets be real who can resist the voice of Frank Underwood. House of cards has received so much attention from many viewers not only have I discovered that Target has a shirt based on the series, but a website has also been created! I practically freaked out when I found out about this.