It’s Super Bowl Weekend!

Well it’s not the weekend yet, but I don’t work tomorrow so I’m calling tonight the start of the weekend!

Super Bowl weekend is HERE!!! And OH BOY its been an exciting week in the Bay Area!


Superbowl City has been opened in San Francisco and lots of exciting things have and will be happening this week!

Last week was my last week at the Stanford Management Company and somehow while review gifts and talking about the market the Super Bowl came up. As we were talking about the teams that were playing this year one of my colleagues, who’s from Tennessee, said his friend is playing in the Super Bowl. My boss and I look at him and both our jaws dropped!

He knows Michael Oher!

This is the boy who’s life story inspired the movie and book , the offensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers!

I was in shock!! I read the book in High School and I loved it, the movie too. It’s a very inspiring story.  Apparenly they went to High School together.

Last week I also found out that the Broncos were practicing at Stanford (lucky me I work right in front the stadium!) and the Panthers at San Jose State University!

Since the Broncos were practicing right across the street from me, on Monday when I arrived at work my boss and I both parked our cars and waited out at the stadium where buses and police escorts were waiting for the players. We waited around for a few minutes, but then found out that they had just arrived and weren’t coming out any time soon. Booooo!

During my lunch my lucky boss was coming back to our building when he got the best video! A video of Peyton Manning on a golf cart heading back to the stadium! Lucky for you I’ve got the video here which I shared to my friends wall (she’s a huge Bronco’s fan).

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.19.14 PM.png
Manning on his way back to the Stanford Stadium after practice at the weight room.

After talking to some of his colleagues he found out that the times in which they come for practice leave from practice and what they they get rides to and from the weight room. Lucky me, I’ve got an amazing boss who takes work breaks to go and see the players!


This week we also found that Alicia Keys will be performing in the city Saturday night a long with other musicians. This is a free concert, open to the public in San Francisco. Earlier this week word also got out that Lady Gaga will be singing the National Anthem – I’m sure shell be great, and I’m excited to see her outfit. I think she has an amazing voice and she’s also proven to be a great actress.

Talking about football and outfits, I have to share this picture of Cam Newton with his Versace pants!

Panthers QB, Cam Newton

Since the Super Bow has come to the Bay Area, many celebrities have traveled down here for the big celebration too!

Yesterday Jerry Rice, a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, went undercover as a Lyft Driver while driving around in SF, and he pulled it off. He had fun while driving Lyft member and the best part was that no one recognized him!

Click here to watch Jerry Rice as an Undercover Lyft driver.

I’m sure many of you have seen the comedian Chris Martin’s videos on Facebook or YouTube. And for those of you who don’t know who he is, he is the comedian that carpools artists. While driving they sing along to the artists  song. He’s given rides to  Adele, One Direction, and his last ride was to Chris Martin. Chris Martin is the lead vocalist of the band Coldplay.


Click here to watch Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke.

Coldplay will be playing this year during the Halftime show and guess who else will be making an appearance?!? BEYONCE!!!!! I am so jealous!! Last week Coldplay and Beyonce released a video to their new song “Hymn for the Weekend”.


Click here to watch Hymn for the Weekend.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed all this news about celebrities and the Super Bowl! Have a great weekend and enjoy the Big Game!