Super Bowl City and NFL Experience

What a day!

Yesterday I went out to Super Bowl City!


I was given the day off from my amazing boss to go see a friend who was coming down from FL to the Super Bowl. The night before I kind of planned out my day, checked the bert times stations, bought my ticket to the NFL experience, downloaded the Super Bowl app, and prepared myself for the wild experience.

I woke up at 5:30 took a shower, changed, drove to Milbrae to grab the Bart. I arrived at Super Bowl City at exactly 8:03am. Yes, it was early, but it was totally worth it!

When I arrived there was no line at security, everything was closed, meaning none of the attractions were open yet, but I got to take lots of pictures without anyone in my way and I didn’t have to wait in line!

I walked through the city area on Embarcadero, took some pictures, and then walked over to the NFL experience. The Super Bowl app mentioned you could hop back on Bart, but I decided to walk to it. It was about a 20 minute walk, which wasn’t too bad. Again, the NFL experience was also closed (it didn’t open today till 1 to the public) so I stopped at a Peet’s and grabbed some coffee. Made some phone calls, sent a few emails, and then I was off back to Super Bowl City.

Again, it wasn’t very crowded, it was actually quiet nice. I got to walk around see all the activities and try some out. They have a lot of family activities. They had a zip line course for kids, which was really popular, lots of video and virtual games, where you can pretend to be football player, and they also had this really cool bike and light structure where you could compete agains two other bikers to see who could light up the most lights.

Bikes, the lights structure (hard to see the lights during the day).

They also had the Media center near Fan Central, the City Stage, and many other little pop up center from sponsors.


There are also lots of food options and drink stations for adults (many different beers and wines).

Surprisingly many people were surprised they had wine and were serving it plastic cups, I’m not sure why they were surprised or if I had just somehow been used to it from other events I had been to that served wine like that.

Now, the NFL Experience is where they had literally everything! The NFL Experience was located at the Moscone Center on Howard Street in SF. This center is HUGE! They have the South Side where they have games for Adults and the North side which has activities for kids.


Outside they had the 40 yard dash, which was a very popular attraction for both kids and adults, and they also had a high jump test, where people watched who could reach the highest hight.

Inside there are huge screens where they show pictures and highlight clips of previous games…

they had all the rings displayed…

…and they had players come and autograph some things. Since Skittles, Snickers, Doritos, and Oikos are all sponsors they were giving out free samples. They also had a mini football factory, where they were literally sowing together and creating a football.


They also had the Super Bowl Trophy displayed.

Since I arrived so early to SF, I didn’t expect to stay very long. I was thinking about leaving around 2 or 3, but the NFL experience took much longer than what I had anticipated. It took me about 3 hours and all I was doing was walking around, taking pictures, and I only waited in line for three or four activities!

Once I left I headed back to Embarcadero, to Super Bowl City, and when I arrived it was much crowded. I’m sure it was because people were out form work and decided to travel to the City as this is the last weekend to see the Super Bowl attractions, I mean that’s part of the reason why I was there too.

Being there at night was great. The atmosphere was very good, more young adults and adults were out (less kids), laud music, and more entertainment.


I decided to stay a little longer, had some wine and some dinner, and left just before the concert. I wasn’t too excited about who was performing so leaving early wasn’t a big deal, although I am sad that I missed the fireworks. But I was to tired, I had walked a lot and was wiped out.

The City Stage right before One Republic came out to play

The entire Super Bowl City and NFL Experience was great! I had lots of fun and friends that I met there seemed to enjoy it too! I;m thinking of going again today, not for the entire day, but I would like to go see Alicia Keys perform at the City Stage. I just found out yesterday that Snoop Dog had played Thursday night and I am quiet jealous that I didn’t go, but seeing Alicia Keys definitely make up for it.

Anyways, these next few comments are slightly off topic from Super Bowl City and the NFL experience, but still have to do with the Super Bowl.

  • Nick Jonas is in SF! I follow him on Snapchat (Yes, whatever make fun of me for following him, but he has an amazing body. He’s definitely grown out of the boy band stage and lets be real he’s the best looking Jonas brother) and he shared a picture from the plane captioning “Hello San Franasisco #SuperBowl50”.
  • Not sure how many have read or heard about what the NFL made Denver punter Britton Colquitt do. So Colquitt and his wife just had a third baby, she is currently two weeks old, and traveled to the Super Bowl with the family. The NFL made him pay $1,800 for there two month old baby to attend. They were forced to buy a ticket for her. I don’t know what you all think, but to me that sounds insane. She doesn’t need a seat and she obviously has to come, as the mother is breast feeding the baby. That just sounds a bit crazy. If you want to read the full article click here.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today.


Thanks for reading and hope you all have a fabulous day!