Super Bowl Sunday

Since I’ve written a lot these past few days (Yay me!) I took a break on Monday and Tuesday. I was exhausted after spending the last few days wrapped up in Super Bowl related activities. So Monday and Tuesday I spent my nights with my feet up watching the Bachelor, Jane the Virgin, and catching up with some friends. Although I didn’t write those two days, that does not mean I’m done talking about the Super Bowl! But, I promise after this one I’ll be done for REAL!

ONE // Blue Angels Flying Above!

We also heard and saw the Blue Angels fly over the house! I didn’t get a picture of them because they came out faster than I expected, but I got a video of the smoke! Hahaha

Not only that, but check this picture out! My aunt took this an hour before kickoff. Apparently here in the bay area, well we can write hashtags any where Including in the sky!


TWO // Beyonce was in my Neighborhood!

This was one my high moments of the week! On Sunday Beyonce was performing just minutes away from my house! The Levi Stadium is about 20 minutes from my house and well on Sunday I was at my aunts house for the super bowl viewing party and well she lives even closer!

People also wrote this article on the house Beyonce rented out for Super Bowl weekend. Apparently they stayed in a house in Los Alto’s Hills! They used Airbnb to find the house and check out the pictures because this house is gorgeous. I am so jealous of who ever owns that house! Can you image being able to say “Oh yeah, Beyonce and Jay-Z stayed at my house Super Bowl weekend”. I mean who can beat that!

THREE // Doritos -Best Super Bowl Ad

I thought there was quiet a lack in good ads this year, like the intestine one. What happened to the great super bowl ads!?! I guess this just makes it easier to pick out the best ones. Personally I always look forward to the Doritos one! They never fail! Here’s my favorite one; Doritos and Ultrasound!

Click this link to watch the Doritos Super Bowl Ad

FOUR // Cam Newton Poor Sportsmanship Moments 

I liked Newton, he’s an incredible talented player, he’s had a great season this year, he’s got a great sense of style, and he’s pretty attractive, but after Sundays game, I was disappointed in him.

As the QB and as NFL Season MVP he reacted very  poorly during the game and at the press release. If you didn’t hear or see, Newton threw a fit during the last quarter of the game.

Cam Newton Temper Tantrum

Then at the press release he answers only a few questions, all with short answers and then walked out! He was there for less than three minutes!

Click here to watch Cam Newton Walk off During Super Bowl 50 Postgame Presser.

I’m not sure about you all, but as I grew up playing sports I was though to always have good sportsmanship no matter if you are winning or loosing. There are private places and moments in which you can cry, be mad, or celebrate. I honestly think this loss will be good for him, I believe he came into the game too proud and cocky. Yes you are a great athlete, but no all great athletes can win. I know he’s young, but being young is no excuse. I’m sure there are player much younger than him that could act in a more respectable manner. Also, he was just named the MVP of the NFL! He is the main image of the league and of his team! I don’t think his reaction was appropriate.

FIVE // Beyonce Announced Tour Dates (yes I’m buying a ticket!)

I’m sure you’ve all hear, but BEYONCE IS GOING ON TOUR!!!!! I am so excited! She announced it seconds after her halftime performance and everyone on social media went wild! I mean this is insane! She doesn’t even have an album out yet and she already released tour dates! not to mention her tour is soon, I mean her first performance is April 27, that’s in two months! I am seriously blown away by this woman! She is incredible!

Here’s a link to see her Tour dates and location. 

She will be visiting Santa Clara again in May and there is now way I missing this performance. Two years ago, the last time she was in the Bay Area, I missed her On the Run Tour with Jay-Z. I was in Europe and she was here in CA! I was crushed. Europe was fun, but Beyonce and Europe would have so much been better.

Well this is it for the Super Bowl!

Till next time!