On My Radar

Can you believe we’re already half way through February!

Here’s whats been on my radar this week…

ONE // Newest Diva on the Cover of Vogue

Have you picked up the new Vogue magazine!?! If you haven’t you must get a copy soon because Adele is on the cover and she look stunning! Vogue takes you into Adele’s world, sharing 5 things you didn’t know about her, the divas that shaped her look, and much more!

TWO // Baby Meets her Dad’s Twin 

This video made me smile. Watch what happens when a baby is introduced to her dad’ twin!

THREE// Sophina DeJesus UCLA Floor Routine 

This is the most flawless hip hop floor routine I have ever seen! Using the latest hip hop hits, DeJesus, a senior gymnast at UCLA, scored a 9.925 on this outstanding performance.

FOUR // Dog + Photo Booth = Cutest Pictures Ever

The human society in Utah went a creative route to try to help their dogs get adopted. Check the pictures out, the dogs look so cute!

FIVE // Fuller House on Ellen!

For any Full House fans this vide is for you! Ellen had the cast of Fuller house on her show on Tuesday and they shared an exclusive trailer with viewers! Only two more weeks till the release of Fuller House on Netflix!

Have a fabulous Valentines Day!