On My Radar

ONE // Fuller House

If you haven’t started watching the new series…start watching NOW! The series is GREAT, almost all the characters make an appearance, there are still some dad talks,  and of course new faces, including a team member from the San Francisco Giants!

TWO // The Dancing Starbucks Barista

This is such an amazing story that pulls at my heart. Sam is autistic who dreamed of working as a barista. Today he works at Starbucks with one his best friends and to help him focus on the job he dances!

THREE // Morgan Freeman is on GPS!

Google just made navigation a whole lot better. Freeman is the latest celebrity voice to be added to Google’s free navigation, Waze. The voice feature is a marketing tie in for Freema’s upcoming film, London has fallen. Download the app and pick Freeman’s voice for the navigator and he’ll guide you to your next destination.

FOUR// Kelly Clarkson’s Emotional Performance

This is American’s Idols last season and guess what they’ve been doing, they’ve boughten back their season winners. This week Kelly Clarkson was on the show and she gave a stunning performance, which not only made her fans and the judges cry, she was also holding back the tears. Take a look at the her great performance.

FIVE// Damn Daniel!

For some unknown reason this kid, Daniel and his Vans, become a huge internet phenomenon. Everyone’s been going crazy about these videos and, I can’t lie, so am I! Click on HERE to hear my favorite Damn Daniel remix!