And the Oscar goes to…

The Oscars is one of my favorite awards shows. It’s very classy, its exciting and fun to watch because I get to see all my favorite actor on one big screen getting awarded for their incredible talent.

And have you heard who will be hosting the award show?!?!

This year’s host will be…

chris rock chris rock: kill the messenger microphoneChris Rock

…this will definitely an exciting show because …

Chris Rock is African American and I’m sure he’ll mention the controversy with no African American nominees…


Leonardo DiCaprio is nominated for his fifth Oscar, but will tomorrow finally be the night…will he receive his first Oscar?!

This year, I can’t say I have watched most of the films on the ballot. Unfortunately I’ve only watched six:

The Reverent


The Martian


Star Wars

Straight Outta Compton

I’ll try to watch the others once they are out in Blue-Ray and DVD.

I think the first one on my list will be Room, since it’s won so many awards already.

One of my favorite parts of watching the Awards is guessing who will win what.

I have already downloaded and printed the  2016 Oscar Ballot!

Have you?!

If you haven’t do it! It’s so much fun to see who you think will win and its even more exciting to see if you got any right!

Tune in to watch the Oscars tomorrow, February 28 at 5:30 PM, on ABC

Have you watched any of the films on the Oscar Ballot?