Oscar Recap

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Those are really the only words I can use to describe the Oscars.

Here’s what I though about the the 88th Oscars Awards Caremony:

Chris Rock killed the opening of the Oscars…

…until he went to overboard on the African American comments. Some of them were funny, but the opening act went on way too long.

How many awards did Mad Max Furry Road win and who has even seen this movie?!?!

I was very surprised this movie won so many awards! I have never seen it, but in the previous it just looked super violent and really not my style. It made me second guess on who actually gets to vote. Are the committee members in the oscars only men, because this movies looked so gruesome and violent, but I guess it’s a remake of an old classic film so…

Snack on Girls Scout Cookies while at the Oscars…

In 2014 Ellen has had pizza delivered, in 2016 Chris rock had Girls Scout Cookies for sale. Who bought cookies?! Everyone did! Look at all the stars in the pictures below who bought pictures! 

John Legend

Leonardo DiCaprio.

In total, the troop at the Oscars made over $65,000 in cookie Sale!!!!

New Films on My Radar

Spotlight and Room are two films I need to watch! They’ve won so many other awards and they won, in my opinion, the most important awards last night.

Spotlight won: Best Picture, Original Screenplay.

Room: Brie Larson won Best Actress and the movie won many Academy Awards.

Leonardo DiCaprio Wins!

Leo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar! I’m not going to lie I was nervous for him. He’s deserved an Oscar for so long.

 He’s been nominated 5 times and this is his only win! 

How is that possible?!? 

But hey, all I can be is happy for him now since he’s finally won. 

What are your thoughts on the oscars?!