24 before 24

24 to 24.jpg

I can’t believe yesterday I turned 23. I feel like I was just counting down the days till my 21st birthday! I mean, four years ago I was on my way to college in Fl, three years was traveling Europe, last year I graduated from college, and now I’m a working adult!

Although I am still two years from turning 25 and hitting my mid twenties, I really like this idea because I feel like the yeas are flying by. I’ve accomplished many things this far, but now I’m ready to accomplish much more!

I took this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Carly, who writes College Prepster. When she turned 24 she came up with her 25 before 25. Yes, I know, I’m not 24 yet but I really liked this idea because if you know my work ethic I love making lists and crossing things off. I especially like accomplishing goals!

 So here we go!

Between today and my 24th birthday, I want to accomplish everything on this list!

This will be a fun way to do something that I’ve always wanted to do and they’ll be great memories.

  1. Visit friends who live out of State
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Go to NY City for New Years
  4. Re-read all of they Harry Potter Books
  5. Take a Spin class at SoulCycle
  6. Plan a backpacking trip with friends
  7. Travel to Another Country
  8. Watch a Broadway show in the City
  9. Participate in a walk for Autism
  10. Go to a Hot Yoga Class
  11. Take an art and wine class with friends
  12. Throw a dinner party for friends
  13. Go to a wine vineyard – Sonoma or Napa
  14. Go to a sports bar during a big game
  15. Invite someone to  SF Giants Game
  16. Try a new exotic food
  17. Learn Calligraphy
  18. Go a week without watching any TV
  19. Finish the scrapbook my grandmother started
  20. Get a permanent full time job
  21. Attend a MeetUp event
  22. Fly in a hot air ballon or attend a festival
  23. Take the Alcatraz Night Tour
  24. Climb Half Dome

What’s on your bucket list?