Birthday Weekend in Savannah!

My weekend in Savannah was amazing and way too short!

I had a great time celebrating my birthday and the marriage of two college friends.

My trip started Thursday night, I took a red-eye from San Fransisco and flew to New York, then to Savannah where I arrived just past 1pm.

Two college friends picked me up at the airport and we then drove to the hotel. We stayed at the Westin in Savannah right on the other side of River Street, which was beautiful. I love Westin’s because they are very nice hotels and their beds are amazing! I always sleep like a baby on their mattresses.

The best thing about staying at the Westin in Savannah was that we didn’t have to drive anywhere. The Westin had a ferry boat that took us from the hotel to River Street.

After settling in and freshening at the hotel we made our way to River Street!

Here’s a picture of the ferry that we took Friday afternoon.


If you haven’t been to Savannah let me tell you a little bit about the streets and what not to wear. Savannah has pebble/rock/stone streets and super high stairways. Whatever you do, do not wear heels when walking the streets because you will fall!

If you don’t believe me take a look at the steep stairs in the pictures below.


Anyways getting back to my trip,  we spent the entire day on River Street, stoping at all the store to look for some souvenirs, we bought drinks, ate lots of food (including a visit to the famous Savannah’s Candy Kitchen) and stopped at the Paula Dean restaurant.



Around 6 we took the ferry back to the hotel changed and went back to River Street to started my birthday celebration! We started with some alcoholic slurpees at Wet Willies and then went to an Irish pub where we met up with some other college friends who were also here for the wedding.


After some more drinks and some dancing we called it a night.

On Saturday we started the day off with some bottomless mimosas and lunch with friends at The Ordinary Pub. The Ordinary Pub was a great brunch location. They had a great menu for breakfast lovers and they had bottomless mimosas for only $7!  After our wonderful brunch we headed back to the hotel to get ready and dressed for the wedding.

The wedding was small and intimate and beautiful. They had both the ceremony and the reception at a historic Savannah station which was decorated in a very southern chic style.

And do end this post check out the beautiful picture I got on the River. The building that looks like a palace on the right, that’s our hotel!