The Bachelor finale and the next Bachelorette 

Well the day has arrived!

Ben Higgins is engaged and the only thing we are waiting to see is who will be the lucky girl who not only wins his heart but also receives the big ring!!

I’ve known for a few months who Ben was going to pick thanks to a good pal

Reality Steve!

For those who love spoilers he’s got them all and he’s been right more than 90% percent of the time. He gets his spoilers from insiders, he wont reveal names, but they work closely with the producers of the show.

No lets start with the opening of the show…Ben’s paster is on the set?!?

What, yes he said he would marry her during the women tell all, but is he really going to do it tonight…my thoughts are no way, but I’ll guess we’ll find out later tonight.

So…who will it be?!?!

For the most part I though Jojo did really well in this episode.

She really impressed me when speaking to his parents. I really thought she did better than Lauren, but my thoughts then changed…

Ben to JoJo: “No matter what happens, you’ve made me a better person”…

…this sounds like a break up and sorry Jojo but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a happy ending…then during her date with Ben the day before the proposal things didn’t seem like they were getting better. Jojo was questioning  Ben a little too much. I feel like she makes him think to much and too hard, as seen in his facial expressions. She really second guesses herself and him and then it right before there bathroom conversation where I felt like he knew. He said the word FRIEND…a word you don’t want to hear if your planning to be married to this person.

But it gets worse…during what JoJo thought was going to be a proposal he then says

…BUT I’m in love with someone else more…


…two words no one wants to hear especially if your hoping to be engaged the to the man standing right in front of you!

Then, Ben does the unthinkable…at least we through it was in the preview…

…but we were wrong. He does the sweetest thing, before proposing he Lauren’s parents, and asked for her father’s blessing, it was such a sweet moment! I was almost in tears while he was on the phone!

And the fist pump/jump…hahaha…Ben..your too cute!

The proposal was super sweet and cute. He said the right things and at the end they each say, “You are my person”, like in Grey’s, but its so true, they really are like each others person!

Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnell

And of course we have to talk about the RING! Did you see it!!

Well, I mean how could you not, because THAT RING IS HUGE!!! Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 12.02.04 AM.png

Big, beautiful, gorgeous ring with lots of diamonds!

The After the Final Rose

I really enjoyed hearing Ben’s thoughts and feelings on the last episode. I really like how he shared his true feelings and thoughts, he seriously sounds honest and sincere, and while talking to Chris he looked and sounded really happy! I am very happy for him!

And Jojo! I’m not going to lie she looks better, skinnier (she was already skinny) and happier, but I guess you have to when your the next bachelorette!!

I totally called it!!

So JoJo is the next bachelorette and I am A O-K with that decision!

When I read the rumors that Caila would be the next bachelorette I was upset because I don’t believe that she’s mature enough and I didn’t feel like she knows how to express herself well enough. She’s so young, she’s my age, she’s 23! In my opinion way too young to be on the show, you still have a life ahead of you and what is your rush to find love? In my opinion I think the age of 25 is about the right age to start thinking about being a contestant on the show.

New season of the Bachelorette premiers Monday, May 23rd!

Now let’s get back to Lauren + Ben

They looked so cute and happy together!!

I really do hope they last!! Many of you may know that not many couples make it all the way to getting married, but I really hope Ben and Lauren last.

And now for the surprises on the show!

My favorite surprise was when Jimmy Kimmel appeared on the set to ask a question!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.52.57 PM.png

He asked the couple what happens on the fantasy suits and the reaction on the set was great! If you missed the credits of hometowns Ben was asked this same question by Lauren’s brothers and his reaction was priceless!

Click here to watch the Ben try to answer the question.

So, in the end  Ben and Lauren didn’t not get married, but he re-proposed in front of her parents and it was so cute!!!

He’s such a sweat heart and a true gentleman!

So here’s to Ben and Lauren…ABC_Ben_LaurenB_MEM_160314_4x3_992

Cheer’s to the happy couple and to a happy engagement filled with love, laughter, and adventure!


What was your favorite part of last nights episode?