My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2!

I am over the moon excited to watch this film and I’ve already bought my ticket!

I loved the first movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” because it was hilariously funny. I’ve seen it many times and I can quote most of the film. I’ve actually learned a little Greek from it too.

This film also reminds me of my Greek uncle because I see so much resemblance of his family in the film.

The idea of not marrying another Greek was very strong and present, but like in the film, my uncle did not marry Greek and so have many of his other cousins. Both families are also very loud, but also very loving and caring.

If you haven’t seen the first one, I recommend you watch it before the second one. It’s not on Netflix, but you can buy it on Target, Best Buy, or Itunes.

Click here to watch the preview for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

– What are your thoughts on My Big Fat Greek Wedding? –