Batkid Begins

The Make A Wish Foundation has created dreams realities for many little kids, but the story of Miles Scott, a little boy who dreamed to be Batman is in my opinion one of the best dreams I have seen them bring to life!

Netflix has just released the film Batkid Begins where we get to see how Make A Wish foundation created their largest project ever!

We see the in and outs of the project, the planning, the story line, how the story grew through social media, and all the people/community who became involved in the project. I mean the San Francisco Mayor, San Francisco Giants, the police department, the SF Chronicle, the entire San Francisco City and other people who flew in were so excited to be apart of this project!

Unfortunately, I was not here in SF when BatKid came to the city, I was in in school, but I remember hearing reading about it and I’m sure there are many of you that do too.

So, if you have not seen  watch BatKid Begins on Netflix do it now because I promise you, you wont be disappointed, It’ll make you happy. I was in tearing up just watching this.