Our first day at Disney was a wild ride. We woke the kids at 7:15 got them all dressed and by 8:15 we were out the door waiting for the shuttle to take us to the park!

We got our tickets, two strollers and headed into the Disneyland park!

The girls excited, right before leaving the Hotel room.
A selfie with on the shuttle!
The Main Station at the opening gates of the park.

Because it’s spring break season and Easter weekend there were lots of people there, but we still managed to hit a few of the popular rides.

Cinderella’s castle.

We made our way to Tomorrow Land first to try to get tickets to Space mountain, but unfortunately, the ride was temporarily closed and  so we rode the Buzz Lightyear instead.

We then made our way to Fantasy Land, one of the parks busiest area. We rode Snow White, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and Mr. Toad.

Once we finished up at Fantasy land we headed to Toontown where we stopped to say hello to Mickey Mouse!IMG_6764 (2)

I left my aunt and cousins right before the parade and jumped over to California’s Adventures where I got to spend time with my aunts oldest daughter and her friends.

Around 5 hoped back to Disneyland park end the day with the younger girls and together we watched the lights parade and the firework show.

A great picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle before the firework show.

After a long and hot day we called it a day after the fireworks show and headed back to the hotel to get a goodnight sleep.

Thanks for reading and stop by tomorrow – I’ll be sharing our day at California’s Adventure park!


What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland?