Outside Lands

Just two weeks ago I got an amazing opportunity to attend…


…with one of my best friends since elementary school…and her friend from swim club!


This was my first time attending this music festival in the Golden Gate State Park, and all I can say is



The venue was great, the weather was great, the people were great, and the music was fantastic!

We had wristbands for all three days.


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

The music festival was held in the Golden Gate Park, which was beautiful. It’s an mazing experience to listen to great music in the forrest, literally in the middle of trees.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather in San Francisco. It was never too cold, or too hot, just perfect, and the way I like it!

We ate, drank, and listened to lots of music.


There are so many amazing artist that play every day and every hour starting around 11 am. On Friday, on our way to the city, we established who we would see at what time.

I honestly can’t tell you all the artists we saw because we ended up jumping around from one stage to the other.


Some of the artists we saw were: Radiohead, Lionel Richie, Lana Del Rey, J. Cole, Major Lazor, Halsey, Chance the Rapper, Third Eye Blind, Nathaniel Rateliff, Julien Baker, The Wombats, Fastastic Negrito, Vince Staples, and The Muppet’s Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem!

Below is the list of all the artist that performed at the music festival.


If you live in the Bay Area or close to I 100% recommend you experience Outside Lands because it’s truly is an amazing experience…IMG_8315.JPG

One that I’ll never forget!