50 Things That Make Me Happy

I think that very often a lot of us focus on things that stress us out or make us feel anxious, a lot more than the things that make us happy.

Here are 50 things that make me happy:

  1. My Family (especially my little brother and little cousins who I love to death).
  2. Road Trips.
  3. Shopping.
  4. Spending time with my girl cousins. I love to plan only girl days which I spend with my cousins.
  5. Coffee. Latte’s, cappuccinos, iced coffee, black coffee, I love it all.
  6. Netflix on rainy days.
  7. Mani’s and Pedi’s.
  8. Planes. I love flying. I think it’s one of the best and fastest ways of transportation.
  9. Baking. One of my favorite things when I’m stressed.
  10. Watching funny movies.
  11. Fresh Clean Bed Sheets.
  12. Hiking the Stanford Dish.
  13. Traveling to the East Coast.
  14. Spending time with friends.
  15. Photography.
  16. My Grandparents.
  17. Reality Television.
  18. Trips to the snow.
  19. Reading a really, really good book.
  20. Autumn. It’s my favorite season.
  21. Christmas. This, other than my birthday, is my favorite holiday.
  22. Warm summer days.
  23. Leggings. They may not be real pieces of clothing, but I love them!
  24. Avocados.
  25. Hot Showers.
  26. Sorority reunions. We do these once a year with my college roommates who were also members in my sorority.
  27. Crafting.
  28. Sleep.
  29. Surprises.
  30. Running. This like cooking is another stress reliever for me. I’ll just put my running shoes on and take my headphones and phone, and run. I don’t think about anything else I just run.
  31. Giraffes. My favorite animal.
  32. Brownies.
  33. Berry’s. Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, I love all berries.
  34. Music.
  35. Cut hair. I love the feeling of a new hair cut, when your left with healthy and strong hair.
  36. Big Cities. I am definitely a city girl. I love being in the middle of a fast passed environment and to be around people.
  37. Watching Baseball.
  38. Reading a really, really good book, the kind that you find hard to put away once you start reading it.
  39. My Laptop.
  40. You reading this.
  41. Grabbing dinner with my bestie.
  42. So Delicious Cashew Milk Snickerdoodle Ice Cream.
  43. Swimming.
  44. Blogging.
  45. Scary movies are my favorite movies to watch especially at night and in the dark.
  46. Pearls.
  47. Theme Parks. Rollercoasters are my favorite rides.
  48. Cold Water.
  49. Giving Back
  50. This blog.