A Few Podcast Recomendations

During the afternoon I’ve got a pretty big amount of down time. I’m still working, but my work environment is really quiet and pretty calm. When 11 o’clock comes around, this is when I’ll typically plug in my headphones and listen to music or my latest obsession…


I mostly get recommendations from my friends and from my boss, she loves podcasts too! I started listening to podcasts about crime like Serial and Real Crime profile, but now I’m into so much more than just that!

Below I’m sharing my favorite podcasts from Crime, History, Psychology, and much, much more.

  1. Real Crime Profile 
  2. Girlboss
  3. Invisibilia
  4. Serial
  5. Revisionist History
  6. Awesome Etiquette
  7. Stuff You Should Know
  8. This American Life