Must See Television Series on Netflix

While at college I didn’t get Netflix until my sophomore year, I received it as a gift. Some of my friends had it, but as popular as it is now. While in college we had cable in our room, but who likes to watch live television with so many commercials when on Netflix you’ve got none! Well, once I got I was completely hooked! I love, love, love Netflix.

I love watching movies, documentaries, but most of all I love watching television series.

Here are my Netflix television series recommendations:

stranger-things-banner-600x300.jpgStranger Things | This is a new series on Netflix and it’s already been renewed for a second season! This is a science fiction series based in a small town in Indiana during 1983 where a 12-year-old son goes missing. It’s got a little bit of everything: suspense, thrill, sci fi, and more.

les-frere-scott-2.jpgOne Tree Hill | This was one of my High School favorite shows. I’m not sure when exactly I started watching, but as soon as I started I couldn’t stop. I will warn you that after the gang graduates the show does get a bit crazy, but it’s so addictive you can’t stop watching.

FNL_S5_DVD.jpgFriday Night Lights | This is one of the best shows ever! One of my middle school teachers  would endlessly talk about how great it was and  soon enough I broke down and watched the show and it is amazing! The first episode starts off slow, but once you get through the first episode, you will be hooked! I’m still in love with Matt Saracen. Side note: This years marks the 10th anniversary of Friday Night Lights. People and EW filmed parts of the reunion and asked some of the cast some questions. Check it out here!

Mad-men-title-card.jpgMad Men | I absolutely love the first four seasons of this show. I love the womanizing things that occur through out the season, but it does get old. It’s a slow show and  it’s hard to multitask while you watch since you really do have to watch the show, but it’s totally worth it.

83.jpgGilmore Girls | i loved this show because the mother daughter relationship between the two main characters reminded me so much of the one my mother and I had. If you haven’t started watching this show yet I highly recommend you do, especially because the Gilmore Girl revival is happening in November!