Hello Apple Watch!

I just got myself the new Apple Watch and I am obsessed with it!

Once I got the notification email that it was off and being shipped to me I was ecstatic!

I kept checking to make sure it was coming on time and that it wasn’t getting lost, which of course happened. It didn’t get lost, thank goodness, but it did arrive a day late.

So, after a session at the gym I raced home, grabbed the package, and immediately opened it!

I couldn’t wait to get it synced and on my wrist!


When I decided to get the Apple watch and had the color of the frame picked out I started looking for bands that would go with the frame.

I asked many family and friends for advice on which ones to get and in the end a friend found Arrow & Board on Etsy and we discovered this  brown “double” band.

It’s almost like a cheaper version of the Hermes, but in a way even better.

I love the color, the way it looks like the double band, and it’s not too expensive.

It also came in this cute packaging which I now keep in my purse or in my gym bag so I can exchange the band between work and gym.

It band does fit a bit tight, but it is leather which means it should get looser over time.

I’m still in the process of looking for one or two more bands, but I think for now this will do.

What are your favorite apple watch bands?