On My Radar

ONE // Natalie Portman As Jackie Kennedy Is Absolutely Everything

I can’t image seeing anyone play Jackie Kennedy. Will this be oscar number 2 for Natalie Portman? I think it might be!

TWO // Special Ed Teacher Includes Students in Wedding Party

This is such a sweet story of a Kentucky teacher. Her pictures are gorges and I can’t image how much laughter and fun she had with her students at her side on her special day.

THREE // Gilmore Girls “We’re Back”

Check out this behind-the-scenes moment with the cast as they look back on the first seven seasons of Gilmore Girls! Gilmore Girls will be on Netflix November 25th. If you haven’t read the blog on my visit to Luke’s Diner in CA check it out now! It was incredible experience where I got to bond with other fans!

FOUR// An Flawless Beyoncé Routine Wedding Dance Video

Melissa Molinaro, an actress, singer, dancer and designer, executed a perfectly choreographed Beyoncé routine for her husband at their wedding this past week alongside her bridesmaids. The video has now been watched more than 1 million times, I’ve already watched it at least five times!

FIVE // Amanda Knox

If you know me and the type of films I like to watch you’ll know that I could this documentaries. It’s not often that we get to hear from the people being accused. Now in days we hear and read from journalist but never really hear the entire story. If you’re staying in this weekend this is a Netflix film I most definitely recommend you watch.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!