No Cell Phones! A Visit to Gilmore Girls Luke’s Diner

There are still a few more weeks until the revival series of Gilmore Girls, but on October 5th, I, along with many other fans across the country got to experience something that was almost as good: a chance to try the coffee at Luke’s Diner.


On Wednesday, Gilmore Girls celebrated it’s 16th Gilmoreversary — that is, the anniversary of the series premier and yes, I traveled half an hour to the closest Luke’s Diner to celebrate and get some free coffee!

I arrived at the San Jose location at 6:20 am and was within the 40th person there! I got my free coffee, took some pictures, and got to avoid the madness (when I left the lines was extremely, at least 100 people deep!).

The San Jose coffee shop was all decked out for the occasion, complete with decor from Luke’s Diner; the no cell phone sign, the Luke’s Diner coffee sleeve, and a Luke’s sign outside the coffee shop!


I will admit my family members thought I was crazy for going to this and for getting in line at such a ridiculous time, but to me it was all worth it!

For those of you who haven’t finished the last 8 season of Gilmore Girls no worries you have until November 25 to catch up!

Also make sure you watch “We’re Back” a clip Netflix uploaded to their youtube account. I teared up just watching this!!

Can you tell how excited I am so excited for the premier!!