Let’s Go Giants!!

No not NY Giants, but San Francisco Giants!

Yes, I know today is Sunday Football, but today I’m thinking about Baseball!

Baseball has been one of my favorite sport games to watch since I was little. I think my passion for baseball really grew when I started playing softball. I love attending games and lucky for me this season I got to attend 5 games with different family members and friends!

AND guess what?!?!

The season is not over yet for the San Francisco Giants!!

Which means there are more games I can attend!

Our motto this year…


We were World Series Champs in 2010, 2012, 2014, and hey this might be our year again!

Giants played the New York Met’s on Wednesday night, and beat them 3-0, winning the Wild Card spot!

Posey and Bumgarner celebrate after an amazing game!

This was an exciting game for me because one of my former college roommate is a big NY Mets fan. Unfortunately, her night didn’t end very well but my night was perfect!

Giants have now played 2 games against the Chicago Cubs

Giant lost Game 1 and Game 2…Booooooo

BUT I haven’t lost faith just yet! If they win Game 3 then they’ll play a 4th and maybe a 5th game!


 I’ll be attending Game 3 and maybe 4 where they will play on their home field in San Francisco!

I’ll keep you posted on what game I’ll be attending, but I’m for sure hoping to make a sign.

If you have any ideas on what my clever sign should read send them my way!

I’ve also become quiet a great fan of creating my own playoff brackets, it all started in March when I created one for March Madness and won!

Well now I’ve created one for the 2016 MLB Post season:

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 9.31.31 PM.png

So, who do you think will be this years World Series Champs?