A Movie Weekend

Once in the while, when my weekends are too filled with family events or new adventures I’ve planned for myself, I like to enjoy some matinee movies.

I sometimes enjoy them matinee times more than the 8 pm or later movie nights because

  1. avoid the big crowds
  2. get movie tickets for cheap!

= No Stress

I choose this weekend to do exactly that – attend a movie in the early hours of the day.

This weekend my mother joined me to see The Girl on the Train and I the following morning I alone went to see Bridget Jones’s Baby.

My thoughts?!

They were both incredibly great!

If you haven’t read or seen The Girl on the Train I 100% recommend you go buy the book, read it, and then go see it in the big screen. Why? Well because like many books that are turned into featured films, the books is much better!

Renée Zellwege, has done a spectacular job again in the Bridget Jones sequel, Bridget Jones’s Baby. I think this was my FAVORITE one! Bridget Jones, like The Girl on the Train, was based of a book (4 actually). I have never read them, but I have friends who have and I’ve been told they are quiet different, but both very funny. I think I’ll need to add some these onto my reading list for next fall.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!