A Great Season with the Giants!

 As many of you may now know the San Francisco Giants had a great season, but Tuesday night their season officially ended.

They played two amazing games at their home field against the Chicago Cubs

I attended Game 3 on Monday night

Took the train to the city and explored the stadium with a co-worker.


We had about two hours before first pitch so we took our time, went to the dugout store before entering the park and bought a new shirt, some hats, and other Giants gear.


When we made our way to enter the park my co worker took me through the back gate, one which I had never entered before. The line was extremely short and it leads you into a nice area, its a straight shot to the bleachers and right below the scoreboard.

Once you get through the gate you are immediately surrounded by different food and drink choices.

There’s a bar, nachos, hot dogs, pop corn, salads, sandwiches, and a garden. Yes, you read that right a garden! The Giants literally have a garden in AT&T Park.

We also found out that the “restaurant” directly across from it uses everything they have growing. We were amazed so what did we do next? We ordered a small tomato salad to share and let me tell you, the food was AMAZING.




I don’t think I have ever had better tasting organic or fresh grown food in my entire life. It had tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, and more!

If you ever go to AT&T Park and are looking for a healthier food choice, this is hands down the best option and well the healthiest thing you’ll find there. I’m so bummed I didn’t take a picture of it, but it was clearly because I was so busy enjoying the amazing taste.

We also got a chance to watch the Cubs hit some balls…yes I know, who wants to watch the Cubs batting practice, but the Giants don’t open the doors while they’re in practice.






Once we got close to game time we made our way to our seats.

While walking up the ramps we got some amazing views of the bay bridge



picked up some Garlic Fries.

Garlic Fries are the must have food item when attending a game at AT&T park. You won’t ever find any fries better than these at any other baseball stadium!

Now, onto the game.




Giants and Cubs played a 13 INNING GAME!

The longest game I have ever attended. The game ended at about 11:45 and we stayed the entire time, which means I finally made it into bed by 1:30.

It was exciting and upsetting. – This is similar to how I felt During Game 4, but Game 4 was worse.

For Game 4 we got to sit closer, we sat on the bleaches.


Check out our view.


The pace of the game was pretty fast.

We were leading 5-3 until the 9th inning when pitching changed and the Cubs scored 3 runs.

It was like everything was crumbling right in front of us and we couldn’t do anything about it. It was all painful to watch, but I guess it was going to happen soon enough. The reality is our bull pin is not strong. We have some great starters, but we can’t relly on them for entire game. We need some new relief pitchers and I think both games 3 and 4 made that clear to the Manager and to many fans.

At the end of the night all I can really say is Thank you for a great season and for making it as far as you could.


Now lights off and I’ll see you next year Giants and AT&T Park!