On My Radar

This week has been crazy busy and today I’ve got many items on my radar week.

ONE // A Wonderful Father Daughter Trip

A dad took his two month old daughter on a trip all on his own. Together they traveled to Taiwan for eight days and he documented and wrote down what he learned on his mini adventure.

TWO // Surprising Teachers

Warning…Don’t watch at work.You will ugly cry so hard– at least I did. I have many friends from college who have or are on their way to becoming teachers. This one is for all you and to all my past and current teachers.  Teachers are THE BEST, and we should let them know more often!!!

THREE // Go Book Yourself 

Confession: I’ve fallen behind on my reading. I love reading non-fiction and lately I’ve been on a serious non-fiction kick. Regardless, I am always looking for book recommendations. I kind of like all genres, but I need good books. If I’m sitting down to relax, I want to really enjoy what I’m reading! That’s why I think the blog “Go Book Yourself” is so awesome. It recommends books based on what you already like.

FOUR// Mont Saint-Michel

I’ve officially added Mont Saint-Michelto my travel bucket list. It’s such a beautiful and interesting little island.

FIVE // Instagram’s New Feature

Instagram has created a new feature to help those dealing with mental illness. I applaud what Instagram is doing with this new feature and I sure hope that this will help open up the conversation about mental illness and break down the stigma that surrounds it.

SIX // Gilmore Girls A Year in Review Updates

The Gilmore Girls Revival is a little over  a month away and recently I’ve been feeling like new pictures, spoilers, and clues are coming out everyday!! If you need a little summary to catch you up on everything that’s been released check out the article released on Tuesday on the Odyssey, “8 Things We Know So Far About the Gilmore Girls Revival“. Earlier this month Netflix also released the official posters of Lorelei and Rory Gilmore and just Tuesday we got to see the first official picture of Jess, played by Milo Vintimiglia.

SEVEN //Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift

Every year Neiman Marcus puts together fantasy gifts for the holidays. They’re gifts are always over the top, absolutely absurd, but also pretty cool. This year, they teamed up with Lilly Pulitzer to make the CUTEST Island Cars.