On My Radar

ONE// The Cutest Nantucket Hotel

I haven’t traveled to Nantucket yet, but I. Need. To. Go. Here. How perfect does the Greydon House, a new Nantucket hotel, look? Seriously, this hotel is gorgeous and those showers, though. Talk about interior design inspiration!

TWO // “Big Little Lies” Trailer

Big Little Lies is one of my favorite books! When I heard they were turning it into an HBO series, I could hardly wait. The official trailer was just released, and now I’m even more excited.

THREE // Gilmore Girls New Trailer

The first official trailer for the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix is out and I’ve already seen it at least 20 times! I’ve laugh, cried, I’ve already started rewatching the series just to prepare mentally! I love that they brought back so much of the original cast and that it seems to have the same feel as the beloved original.

FOUR // Little Heroes of the NICU

These pictures melt my heart. NICU babies are heroes, they fight for their lives everyday and this past week a Nurse did the kindest thing for the babies and their parents. She spent a few weeks crocheting costumes for 17 babies. She then posed them all for adorable photo shoots and surprised the parents with the pictures. They are adorable and the nurse is already working on new costumes for Christmas.

FIVE // Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 

Another trailer, I know. But… ugh!!! I’m so excited for this movie too!! I legit got goosebumps when watching this, for the hundredth time.