Hair Favorites

My hair has always and continues to be a source of stress for me. Every girl I know struggles with their hair. I only know one girl, who has beautiful hair without touching it. Frizz-free, gorgeous waves. I’m so jealous!

But that’s not what I have to work with. My hair is super curly in spots, wavy everywhere else, and super frizzy. I will say, although my hair is a pain to work with, I have finally figured it out. There are various milestones throughout the years of me grasping how to work with my hair. My aunt showed me how to use her Chi flatiron in seventh grade and in college, I discovered the power of a wand.

I still have bad hair days, but when I want my hair to look good, I can do it. At home.  In under 30 minutes. Now that my hair has grown out from my haircut a little bit, it’s long enough to curl again, here are the tools and products I like to use:

Hair Products.jpg

Ultimate Remedy Extremem Restoration Duo-Serum: I love this duo serum, I’ll put it on as soon as I get out of the shower and then I’ll blow dry my heir. The duo-serum prevents split ends and makes my hair super soft and shine. I  have bought this multiple times and love how it works on my hair.

T3 Hair Dryer: I love this hairdryer because it’s easy to hold and not very heavy (key when you’re blow drying your own hair). It also does a great job creating frizz-free smooth hair, even without straightening.

Moroccan Oil Treatment: I’ll typically use this on days I let my hair dry naturally or when I only blow dry it. My hair is so incredibly soft after I use this and just feels overall healthier.

BaByliss Straighter: When I’m doing a full straightening of my hair, I can’t go wrong with this BaByliss! There aren’t a lot of bells, and whistles and the plates heat evenly without snagging hair along the way.

BaByliss Mini: This mini straighter is great for traveling and for little touch ups! It’s so tiny, but it gets the job done! It’s especially great for getting close to my hairline and it straightens those wispy hairs around my face.

Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Wand: I use a curling wand when I want to have a little more control over my curls. You can play around with the hair, so it doesn’t look so uniform. For me, the waves I get with the wand are unparalleled. The wand also took some getting used to, and I definitely had a couple of burned fingers along the way, but I’d still say it’s worth it!

Dry Shampoo: I try not to use the dry shampoo too much. If I don’t have time to wash and straighten my hair, I’ll use a few sprints and run the dryer over my hair, to fluff it up again.