On My Radar

I had a rough start this week with my car braking down on Monday, while on my way to work, but thankfully there’s no curse where a bad Monday means the rest of your days will be bad too.

Here’s my absolute favorite clip from Gilmore Girls to make you laugh when your having a bad day and to prepare you for the return of the show!!

Only 7 days left until A Year In The Life is on Netflix!!

ONE \\ Another Oscar for Natalie Portman?

After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, his wife Jackie grieved publicly and privately, but her decision of who to be to the American public required real calculation and strength to carry out. This two minute trailer paints a complex emotional picture of the former first lady  – one I believe Natalie Portman commits to fully. Here’s to Natalie Portman’s next Oscar.

TWO \\ First Trailer for Beauty and the Beast 

The trailer for Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast—starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens—has finally arrived. The film looks beautiful and is very faithful to the 1991 animated classic, no need to look further than the costumes and the sets themselves.

THREE \\ Pep Talk from Kid President 

We all need a little encouragement every now and then and this is exactly what I needed on Monday.

FOUR \\ Date Night with Mom 

My newsfeed on Facebook has recently been all about Gilmore Girls! Earlier this week Entertainment Weekly revealed an amazing cover with exclusive photos and stunning pictures of the gorgeous cast (I’ll definitely be getting myself a copy), but today I came across a video Netflix put together Date Night with Mom. I’m very much considering having a date night with my best friend, because after all it’s always better watching together.

FIVE \\ An Experiment in Gratitude 

Thanksgiving is next week and I think this is a great video for this Holiday. It’s not about giving thanks, but it’s about gratitude, expressing it, and the happiness it will bring you. I’m accepting this challenge and I’m ready to express my gratitude to be a happier me!

Have a fantastic weekend!