Winter Moisturizers

Wow, it’s been raining so much here lately and it still shows no signs of stopping. I’ve been struggling  a bit with all this rain. I’ve kind of given up trying to put together cute outfits because by the time I get into the office I’m soaked.

My family is thinking about heading up to Tahoe in two weeks and I am so excited because as they say – if it rains here it’s snowing up there! I love going to Tahoe, I love being in the snow weather it’s being in the slopes, playing outside with family and friends, or inside the cabin sitting next to the fire place! However, the dry winter weather does sometimes affect my skin. Today as I was going through my morning routine, I realized I should share some of my favorite moisturizers for my entire body.

Starting with water. The first step to beating the dryness is generally staying hydrated. I’m pretty good about this, I always carry a water bottle with me no matter where I go. I keep a pack of water bottles in the trunk of my car and I keep another water bottle at work and I’ll typically have one on me too.

HANDS // The one place that I feel the worst is my hands. At work, especially during the winter, I’m always washing my hands throughout the day. Winter seems to be the time when everyone at work is either dealing with a cold or just getting over one. I  use hand lotion all the time. I try to apply a ton right before I go to bed so it can sink in overnight (no idea the legitimacy of this, but mentally it works?). This is my absolute favorite hand cream. It’s thick, dries nicely (not greasy!!!!), and has a lovely light scent. I have a big tube on my nightstand that I use before bed and then smaller tubes in my car, in pockets, by the sinks, in my purses, etc. I can never have enough!

HAIR // After my hands, the next place where I notice the dryness the most is my hair. Static. Electricity. It’s my worst nightmare in the winter months. (I keep a ponytail holder nearby all the time in case my hair starts standing on end.) I don’t have a perfect solution, but using a mask on my hair every week does make a difference. I use this one while I’m in the shower. The key is to really let it set in; I normally take a bath before rinsing it out.

LEGS // Bahhhh! Is there anything worse than shaving legs that are extra dry? I cringe just typing that out. I find that regular shaving cream tends to dry out my skin, but in the winter I can’t shave without something. I cannot recommend this product enough. It will change your life if you don’t already use it. Unlike a shaving cream, it’s oil… but when you lather it up, it turns into a thin foam. Sometimes I skip it throughout the year, but I absolutely can’t go without in the wintertime.

BODY // As far as body lotions go, I don’t think you can go wrong. I have a lot of favorites: Nivea Moisture Lotion, Nubian Body Lotion, and Dove Body Lotion.

LIPS // Burts Bees is my everyday go to lip balm. In the winter, though, I apply extra stuff to my lips to keep them from getting chapped. Vaseline is my favorite. It’s a classic. I don’t particularly love the way it feels on my lips (so thick), but they always feel the best when morning comes along. Kiehl’s has a great option too, and this eucalyptus treatment is amazing if you already have crossed into chapped lips territory!

FACE // I saved the best for last. I’ve been using this facial moisturizer for years. It is the best product that I have ever purchased. I’m obsessed and can’t go a day without using it. I actually discovered it when my face was literally raw from dry wind while in NY eight years ago. I’ve never looked back. 

Do you have a favorite moisturizer?