Winter Shoes

I was in a winter wonderland this past weekend while in Lake Tahoe.We had so much rain in the Bay Area which meant more snow up in Tahoe. I couldn’t believe how much snow there was!

I can suffer with a coat that’s not warm enough if I really want to wear it and I resist wearing gloves as much as I can because they annoy me… but I cannot stand having cold feet. I just can’t do it. When my feet are cold, it’s a matter of minutes before my entire body is covered in goosebumps from the chill.

I have a few go-to boots that I basically live in all winter long.

UGG Adirondack Waterproof Boot // I don’t have these myself, but they are a favorite of many of my friends. They’re a bit rugged looking yet look chic when paired with the right winter outfit.

Hunter Boots // These are not technically made for cold winter days, but I still love wearing mine, especially on those rainy days. They’re probably my number one go to because they’re so easy to slip on. If it’s snowed, I always wear my thickest wool socks. They’re especially great when you’re going over to someone’s house, and you know you’re going to kick off your boots in the mudroom. No laces to worry about!

Shearling-Lined Bean Boots // I love my Bean Boots  and I always take them with me when going to Tahoe. When wearing these I don’t have to worry about pairing them  thick wool socks . These are super warm and cozy!

Sperry for J. Crew Boots // These boots are perfect to wear to work when it’s snowing or when there’s snow on the ground. The black is sleek enough to go with your work clothes, and the boots are small enough to hide under your desk. (Plus the zipper on the side makes them easy take them off and put them on.