Work Bags

All through college and through my three years post-college I’ve been using my Longchamp bags for work and for travel. However, I now feel like it’s time for somewhat of an upgrade.

I currently in the market for a great black tote. A lot of the bags I’ve rounded up come in a great black, but as I was pulling images, I realized that there were so many options that fit a professional style without being boring and black. Loving all the colors!!!

Work Bags.jpg

Tori Tote \\ Leewood Place – Rainn Leather Tote \\ Classic Tote \\

Oversize Faux Leather Shopper \\ York’ Buckle Tote \\ Cedar Street Medium Harmony \\

Gina Braided Faux Leather Satchel \\ Colorblock Faux Leather Tote \\ Neva Tote