On My Radar

ONE \\ Missing Richard Simmons 

I’ve just finished this podcast and had to recommend it to all of you! I got hooked on this one podcast that I kept seeing all over Twitter. It’s called “Missing Richard Simmons.” The podcast kind of does a deep dive on Richard Simmons (yes, the workout guy) and what happened to him after he “disappeared” in 2014.

Here are a few other podcasts I’ve recommended.

TWO \\ An American Proposal

For all Hamilton fans! This boyfriend came up with an AMAZING proposal for her now fiance.

THREE \\ Wringing a Towel in Space

My mind was blown watching this video of an astronaut wring out a wet towel in space. The water… it’s out of this world, literally.

FOUR \\ Scalloped Tank Top

I’ve never been a tank top kind of girl. (Ever. I’d rather wear a turtleneck!) I recently bought this camisole from J. Crew though and actually love the way it looks on. That one is a little bit on the expensive side although the quality truly seems worth it. Then I spotted this scalloped edged version on J. Crew Factory and, well, let’s just say I want one in every color. I’ll probably just get one– I’m torn between the red and the black!

FIVE \\ A Brother’s Surprise Visit

Ending on an uplifting note, I had tears in my eyes watching this guy surprise his younger brother. The excitement is so pure.

SIX \\ Behind the Scenes of Beauty and the Beast

The movie is finally out! I’ll be watching it tomorrow afternoon with my little cousins, but in the meantime here is a little behind the scene video.