San Francisco Marathon Training

The SF Marathon is officially 16 weeks away and my training begins this week!

This past weekend I’ve been felling excited, nervous, but surprisingly also ready start training. I’ve started running regularly, running 3-4 miles to prepare my body and to get back in the swing of running and I’ve also participated in two races, a very hilly 5K and 10K (my first ever 10K race!).

For those of you interested in following my journey to 26.2 miles I’ll be sharing weekly running logs here!

For now I’ll leave you all with this quote…

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.14.23 PM.png

Yep, that’s me 😊 …Just a girl who decided to go for it and so far it’s feeling great!

Hope you had a good weekend and let the training commence!