On My Radar

ONE \\ Disney-Inspired Wedding Toast

It’s a little bit long, but this Disney-inspired wedding toast, done by the two sisters of the bride, is 100% worth a watch. They sing beautifully and honestly, it’s just so creative!


If you haven’t seen the trailer for #GIRLBOSS it’s here just for you! I read #GIRLBOSS back in 2016 and loved it! Sophia Amuruso’s book is inspiring, clever, and definitely more than just a book…#GIRLBOSS is a movement and now it’s coming to Netflix!

THREE \\ La La Land Proposal

Okay, so I thought that this high schooler’s “promposal” to Emma Stone was incredible. (If you’ve seen La La Land, you know how spot on it is!) But the fact that he also looks like Ryan Gosling just killed me! And I thought he was so articulate and sweet in the TV interview too.

FOUR \\ Water Bottle Trick 

This video showed up on Facebook news feed last week and I couldn’t stop laughing! Make sure you watch till the very end.

FIVE \\  Ice Cream Cones for a Squirrel

If this doesn’t say “Happy Friday!” then I don’t know what does! This little squirrel is now a regular at an ice cream shop in North Carolina, and he even gets a personalized ice cream cone when he shows up.