6 Running Must Haves

When you are new to the running world everything looks helpful and it’s difficult to know what you actually need and what is superfluous. Here I’m sharing 6 of my favorite running necessities that I can’t live without.

1. My Spibelt and Nathan Hydration Waistpack

I’ve run many miles since purchasing the Spibelt miracle last year and not only does it still feel brand new but I’ve never had one issue with it. It’s kept my iPhone 7 handy and dry (through rain and sweat) runs and is handy for selfies, email and phone checking and snap chatting. I use it on my short runs, when I don’t need to take water with me.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 7.40.36 PM.png

Since I’ve started going on very, very long runs and hate running with things in my hand I decided it was time to purchased the Nathan Hydration Waistpack and I’m obsessed with it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. I’ve always hated holding water bottles or sticking items in my sports bra (yes, I was that runner) but with the waistband I can hold everything on my waist; water, my phone, running fuel, ID and more, but the best part is that none of it bounces around!

2. Body Glide

Need I say more? This stuff should be kept in every corner of your house if you’re a runner.  I love you Body Glide.

3. Trigger Point Foam Roller

This torture device is necessary. If you don’t like injuries, then you should buy them.

4. RunKeeper.

RunKeeper is the best because it’s simple. I love it because it tracks and maps my runs, allows me to manually enter exercises, I can set up custom runs so I can do intervals, I and write down my immediate thoughts after a workout. I have the Elite version so I can compare workouts using charts like pace, elevation, heart rate and most importantly SPLITS.

5. Insoles

Running is hard on your knees and joints. Insoles help stabilize your foot by aligning your skeleton to prevent injuries and they help with shock absorption. They are a game changer. I use Superfeet but head to your local specialty running store to find what works best for you.

6. Hat

10 Running must Haves

Whether it’s 80 degrees or 30, I am always wearing something on my head. Be it a headband to keep my ears warm or a baseball cap to protect my face from the sun, I’m always wearing something. Don’t leave home without a hat! Protect your skin!

Do you have anything you just can’t live without?