On My Radar

I’ve got a 10.6 Miler race this weekend in Big Sur! I’m super excited, I can’t wait to see the incredible view, but also slightly nervous because this is the first race I’m participating in since starting my marathon training which means I should have a great run, right? Just hoping for a smooth race and great weather!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Running a Marathon with 10 Weeks of Training

Okay, so I think the title of the video is a tiny bit misleading. The girl featured is clearly in great shape, but still… it’s unreal how she trained for the marathon in only ten weeks…and qualified for the Boston Marathon! This video is super inspiring. I cried at the end!!

TWO // Museum of Ice Cream 

I’ve been seeing this all over my Facebook and Instagram feed and I think it’s definitely worth a stop for the next time I’m in LA. The museum looks fantastic and who doesn’t love ice cream? Maybe a trip after my marathon?

THREE // Worlds Apart by Heineken

Could the social problems of the world be resolved over a drink? Maybe not, but a new Heineken commercial suggests that a good cold beer might help bridge divides between people with polar opposite views on some of the most controversial issues.

FOUR //  Echo Look

I placed an order on Amazon yesterday and saw this new ad for “Echo Look.” I legitimately thought it was a joke, but it’s completely real! At least I believe that it’s real. This Echo device takes photos of all of your outfits and starts to categorize and track what you wear.

FIVE //  Fiona the Hippo

I’ve been following Fiona, a baby hippo from the Cincinnati Zoo, since the day they announced a preemie hippo was born. She’s now 3 months old and has grown so much! I can’t get enough of her hippo videos. This one’s my favorite!