New HBO Documentary

Mommy Dead and Dearest


The sad story of the mother/daughter relationship at the center of Mommy Dead and Dearest is almost unimaginable.

The new true-crime documentary that premiered Monday night on HBO looks at a Missouri murder connected to Munchausen by Proxy, a syndrome in which caregivers induce or foster health problems for someone in their care to gain sympathy or attention.

In the documentary we see an exclusive prison interview with Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a now young woman who was forced to undergo unnecessary medical treatments by her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, and is now serving 10 years in connection with her 2015 murder…but there’s more to the story, so make sure you go and watch it on HBO.

Other True-Crime Topics

The Keepers: If you enjoy watching true-crime documentaries, like me, Netflix is releasing a seven-part docuseries The Keepersavailable Friday!

Profiling S-Town: In episodes 65 and 66 of Real Crime Profile Jim Clemente (a former NYC prosecutor, retired FBI profiler), Laura Rihards (criminal behavior analyst, and Lisa Zambetti (casting director for Criminal Minds) discuss the relatively new podcast S-Town and profile the different characters including John B. McLemore.

Any other true-crime documentaries or podcasts you would recommend?