On My Radar

This past month I’ve been exhausted, excited and nervous, but I think I’m finally found a routine that works for me.

The San Francisco Marathon is a month away and I think I’m ready. I’ve kept up with my running plan and have incorporating lots of cross training activities too. I’m extremely nervous, but for the most part I think what I’m feeling is normal.

My big trip to Yosemite is also approaching fast! I’m only two weeks away from this three day hike. I’m physical and mental ready for this trip, but I still need to go out and buy some more equipment.

Half of me feels like summer is flying by and the other half of me is trying to remember just to love every in-between moment as much as possible!


Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Graphic Designer Earns One Million Dollars

I think one of the biggest (and worst!) myth is that there are only certain jobs that guarantee success. IT’S A LIE! Everyone talks about “starving artists” and whatnot, but a career in the arts doesn’t mean you can’t be successful in the financial sense. You absolutely can and this graphic designer is living proof!!

TWO // Gal Gadot on The Tonight Show

Have you guys seen Wonder Woman?! I loved it and have a girl crush on Gal Gadot!!! Her interview on The Tonight Show made me love her even more.

THREE // Audrey Hepburn’s Personal Collection

Christie’s is hosting an auction of some of Audrey Hepburn’s personal items. How amazing would it be to purchase a pair of her iconic ballet flats?!?!?

FOUR // How Children See Differences

This is such a sweet and inspiring video of kids talking about what makes them different from each other. I think the world should take note and remember that we learn prejudice– it’s not something we’re born with.

FIVE // Average Fashion Blogger

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed  the other day and stumbled on these videos of a blogger that pokes fun at fashion and beauty bloggers. Her videos are hilarious! I was laughing so hard.

SIX // New Sunglasses

I do not need a new pair of sunnies, but after seeing them in the teaser for the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie (#guilty), I splurged on them! They’re super cute and have a perfect classic, yet modern, shape.

SEVEN // New Police Puppies

OMG, I can’t handle the cuteness of these puppies!!!!