On My Radar

It’s almost been a week since my trip to Yosemite and I have to say… I’m really miss being out in the woods. To be honest, I still can’t believe I climbed all the way up Half Dome, it still seems surreal, but what’s scarier is the fact that I’ll be running my first full marathon in a week (ek!).

Here’s another picture of the amazing view I had this past weekend.


Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // CBC Kids

These video of a high schooler with autism made me cry! I think it goes without saying that Austin is incredible and I loved seeing him overcome some of his fears and worries in the video. BUT, it was the teachers that really made the video great. Supportive teachers mean EVERYTHING to students and these teachers seem like some of the best!

TWO // The Best Tinder Story

I can’t lie, I’m rooting for this couple to hit it off and get married. They’ve been keeping up with a joke in Tinder messages for years, and their story went viral. Tinder heard about it and offered to give them a dream date in Hawaii! So hilarious and amazing at the same time. #Joshelle

THREE //Preschool Sweethearts Marry 20 Years Later!

This proposal story warmed my heart. I’m such a sucker for good wedding proposals, and this one was extra adorable.

FOUR // So Delicious Ice Cream 

Over the past few months I’ve been cutting dairy out of my diet because my body is having the hardest time processing it and so far I’ve had the hardest time saying good-bye to ice cream. However, I recently discovered So Delicious ice cream. Sometimes when I’m working after dinner, I start to get a major sweet tooth. So Delicious has ice creams with absolutely no dairy in them! I’ve been testing flavors and some are definitely better than others, but it’s an overall good choice when I’m desperate for something sweet. (Cashew Milk Snickerdoodle is my fave.)

FIVE // 10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You is one of the best movies in the world. It’s my go-to “I can’t sleep” movie, and I often put it on as background noise. I loved this throwback photo!