Running Update

I’ve officially completed all my 2017 pre-registered races!

(I might do more, but for now let’s just celebrate!)

This past Sunday I ran the Bridge to Bridge 12K! The Bridge to Bridge also officially marked the end of the San Francisco Originals Run Series! The series included the Bay to Breakers 12K, The San Francisco Marathon (26.2 miles), Giants Race in San Francisco (10K), and Bridge to Bridge (12K). AND for all my hard work I got this SF Originals medal!


Two weeks ago I also ran my very first trail run, the Berkeley Trail Adventure. And if you’re asking if I chose a short distance for my first trail run the answer is no, I choose a half. Yes, call me crazy if you’d like!

Capture.JPGTo be honest, I was really nervous about this run, before and during it. I had not trained at all for this. I went on one trail run, up in Rancho, about two weeks before the run. That’s all the trail running I had done, terrible on my part. I was also nervous about the trail, maybe I watched too many mystery series, but I have a huge fear of getting lost in the woods and no one finding me. Thankfully I had a great running partner who stayed with me during the entire race and kept me on track. In reality I found that it’s actually pretty hard to miss a mark.

We got there with plenty of time to find parking, sign in to get our bibs, stretch, and use the restroom before the start of the race.

The half marathon course followed two different colors: orange and yellow.

trail run.JPG

The course may have had a lot of climbing, but the views at the top were definitely the best  reward.


Race Review

Difficulty  – 5
  • Well, it’s a trail run so completely unpaved.
  • The Half Marathon had a 2,800′ elevation gain, this about killed me, but the views at the top were INCREDIBLE!
Scenery- 5
  • The course was really unique and beautiful – again lucky to live in the Bay Area
Production – 5
  • Course was really well marked especially with where not to turn
  • The volunteers at the aid stations were helpful and incredibly encouraging
  • The race was on a Saturday
  • Price $$ (free parking, shirts, medals, and spread of snacks and drinks)
Do you prefer trail or road running? What’s your preference?


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