On My Radar

It’s been an incredible busy week, but with lots of fun activities.

I went to the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco and the food and the service was AMAZING! I’ve never had a piece of steak so well done. The following day I attended the Coldplay concert, A Head Full of  Dreams tour, at the Levi Stadium. This was hands done one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Here are some pictures from the concert!


Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // New Podcast – Dirty John

Don’t be thrown by the name Dirty John: This is a sexy show, yes; but not like that.Instead, the podcast from Wondery and L.A. Times asks the question, “How much do you really know someone who you meet online, introduce to your family and marry?”In the case of John, Deborah clearly didn’t have the full story on the tall, handsome doctor she called her husband. This is a 6-part podcast that first aired on Oct. 2, with a new episode released each day.

Warning: The show talks in detail about violence, wounds and murder. It has easily become my favorite true-crime podcast.

TWO // Abby the Spoon Lady

Did you guys ever play the spoons as a kid? I saw this video going viral this week and was blown away by Abby the Spoon Lady. It’s unbelievable what she can do with spoons!

THREE // NPR’s #Ramona

A personal post accidentally went up on NPR’s Facebook post. It was a mistake and could have been a PR nightmare, but it turns out that everyone needed a little #Ramona in their life.

FOUR // Mila Shift in Guac and Roll

Lilly’s new print features avocados and I can’t get enough. How freaking cute is that print?

FIVE // Ellen Gives Hope After Las Vegas Shooting 

Ellen DeGeneres has always believed in love, hope and heroes. That was the shows message Tuesday when she opened with a heartfelt monologue honoring those who do good in the world.