On My Radar


I’m currently on my way to Scottsdale for the Giants Race. This is my second time visiting Arizona, but my first time participating in the race. The entire family is traveling with me, but my mom and I will be the only ones running. I’m really looking forward to  getting away from this cold and rainy weather in CA and looking forward to some warmer weather in Arizona.

While we’re off running and exploring Arizona Teddy is at a dog boarding facility. This is his first time without us but I have great confidence he will enjoy his time playing with all the other dogs and I’m looking forward to our Skype session later this weekend.

Here’s whats been on my radar:


I finally got to watch the Disney movie Coco. If you haven’t seen it, go rent it, borrow it, or buy it and watch it! As a Latina, this is a film I have been waiting for. It’s authentic depiction of Mexican art, music, and culture and the cast is nearly entirely Latino! At a time when Latinos continue to be scarce on the big screen this film is a great homage to Mexican traditions and that is something I will celebrate. It is now one of my favorite Pixar movie films!

TWO // Rainbow Pasta

Okay, Linda is an artist… but her medium of choice isn’t oil or clay. It’s PASTA. And seriously, her pasta creations are true works of art. You can check out more of her amazing work on her Instagram. 

THREE // Hunter x Target

Did you hear the news?! Target just announced a big collab with Hunter. All boots are I’m already anticipating pure mayhem among the most devoted Hunter fans! Men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories will launch in stores and online at Target.com on April 14th. 

FOUR // Bobbi Brown’s New Hotel

Bobbi Brown and her husband are opening a new hotel in New Jersey. I am obsessed with her. The hotel looks gorgeous. I’d definitely love to stay there!

FIVE // Pentatonix “Havana” Cover

Anyone else obsessed with the song “Havana”? I looooooove it. Every time it comes on the radio, I start singing along. Pentatonix did a cover and they nail it, as they always do!

Anything fun on your radar this week?