26 Things to Do Before 26

Can someone PLEASE tell me how the month of  March managed to creep up on all of us so fast?! Not to mention the fact that I recently turned—wait for it—25! Let the quarter-life-crisis commence. I know you’ve all probably heard the ‘new year, new me’ speech about a thousand times, but before you roll your eyes at me for becoming another clichè: hear me out. I’ve had a particularly rough year and by vowing to transform into a new and improved me, I pledge to A) change my outlook on life and B) begin living my life to the fullest. I have learned that the tough times are inevitable, but your attitude is everything.

This year I’ve put together a bucket list of activities that I am going to physically force myself to partake in before my next birthday.

I’m keeping some items I had from last years list and adding some new ones too.

26 Things to Do Before 26 

  1. Visit a new states in the US. (I had an amazing trip to Alaska in July)
  2. Travel somewhere alone.
  3. Travel to a different continent.
  4. Try a new workout class. (DYING to try barre and hot yoga)
  5. Ride my bike to the Farmers Market.
  6. Run a race every month for a year. (I’ve already started this goal!)
  7. Surprise someone.
  8. Watch the sunrise (& enjoy it). 
  9. Plan a trip with my brother.
  10. Take my family out to dinner.
  11. Take a cooking class. I love cooking, but would love to learn even more dishes to add to my repertoire. 
  12. Read more. Let’s try at least two books a month. 
  13. Go apple picking.
  14. Take a trip to the Garlic Festival. (My mom and I went and had an amazing time! We ate sooo much amazing food.)
  15. Try more new restaurants/foods.
  16. Spend more time with my friends and family, after all that’s all that really matters in life – making  memories that will last a lifetime.
  17. Save more money than I spend.
  18. Go skiing/snowboarding. I had a great time snowboarding in Wachusett Mountain while visiting friends in Boston.
  19. See a new-to-me Broadway play. Went to see On Your Feet during my Boston Marathon Weekend
  20. Do one thing that falls well outside of your comfort zone.
  21. Go one month without shopping.
  22. Go through and donate old clothes.
  23. Donate blood 5 times this year.
  24. Attend a Create & Cultivate Conference.
  25. To be really happy with my body and be at my physical peek.
  26. To make 26, my year! I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a good one!

What will you put on your list? It’s never too late to start thinking of what you can do with the next year.