On My Radar

It’s been a pretty exhausting week and I still have a long day ahead. This Friday I’m hosting my last fundraiser event. A Loteria (Mexican Bingo) Night for all ages from 6-9pm.

Along with this event I’ve got a 13 mile run this Saturday and do to this crazy weather it may have to be in the rain, but I have to start getting used to this cold weather because this upcoming Thursday I’m flying to Boston!

Talking about Boston – today marks 30 days before race day!!

Here’s whats been on my radar:

ONE // A Year in Space Can Alter Your DNA

Did you ever think that spending a year in space could transforms your gene expression?! My jaw dropped when I read the headlines to NASA’s Twins Study.

TWO// The Brain Changing Benefits of Exercise 

This TED Talk about the benefits that exercising has on the brain was pretty great. It’s short and sweet and the speaker has incredible energy. She is very passionate about studying effects on the brain and clearly brilliant. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

THREE// Hippo Love

Fiona the hippo has an admirer! Timothy, a hippo in San Antonio, just sent Fiona a love letter. Baby hippos are just the cutest, right?

Hope you all have a great St. Patrick’s Day!