Boston Bound: 20 Miler

Currently writing this while on my way to Boston!

This is my first of two trips I’ll be making to Boston (all marathon related). I’ll be here all weekend to run the 20 miler with my fundraising team, The Mass General Marathon Team, to spend some time with my friends, and to explore more of this great city.

My next visit to this city will be Marathon Weekend, where I’ll be joined with my former college roommates who will be cheering me on while I run the marathon. I can’t wait for this reunion!

I am very anxious, nervous, scared and excited to be going to Boston. 20 miles is A LOT of miles to run and , but during this run I’m hoping to throwing all those feelings away and really focus on why and who I’m running this for.

All the hard work I put into fundraising and running isn’t just for me – it’s for all the family members I’ve lost to cancer, it’s for my grandmother, my great aunt, and my godfather who just went through his first round of treatment. I’m also running for the kids fighting cancer at Mass General Hospital, their families, the doctors and researchers who are working hard to one day find a cure for childhood cancer. My family and these kids have inspired me to run 26.2 miles; now it’s time to inspire them in return, so they can continue to fight this disease.

I’ve trained for many weeks, gotten up early for my long runs, and I’ve experienced the first 7 stages of Kelly’s “10 Stages of Training for a Half or a Full Marathon”. Now it’s time to trust the training, run the 20 miles, and get ready to run the marathon because compared to the struggle these amazing kids go through, running 26.2 miles and training through winter is nothing!


To learn more about my fundraiser you can visit my fundraising page HERE.