On My Radar

It’s been a super busy but also very exciting week. I spent most of my week getting ready for my Boston trip and wrapping up some projects at work and at home.

I flew out yesterday and arrived just before dinner. Apparently I brought some bad weather because it was nice out before I arrived and it’s supposed to get nice again on Thursday, the day after I leave…😔


Here’s what’s been on my radar:

ONE // Mason Ramsey Gets Huge Surprise On ‘Ellen’

Millions of people around the world were captivated by a video of eleven-year-old, Mason Ramsey, yodeling his way through the an Illinois Walmart store including Ellen DeGeneres. On Tuesday, Ramsey told Ellen his dreams are to perform at the Grand Ole Opry and go to college, and the TV host had a couple of huge surprises for him…watch his performance on for the big reveal.

TWO // SNL – Nike Women’s Ad

This fake commercial from ‘SNL’ perfectly sums up my relationship with leggings. I’ve bought leggings with visions of training for a marathon or finally making it to that early-morning spin class… but let’s be honest. Leggings are also the perfect comfy pants for hanging out at home and doing absolutely nothing.

THREE // Runner to Run the Boston Marathon Backwards

In my opinion training for the Boston Marathon has been a challenging and rewarding experience, it requires a great amount of commitment and dedication. However, Loren Zitomersky was looking for a greater challenge because he’s decided to run the entire race BACKWARDS—toe to heel!! He’s got a great story on why he decided to run it this was and I’m super interested to read how he does on the course come Marathon Monday.

FOUR // Wild Wild Country

I just finished watching the Wild Wild Country series on Netflix this past weekend and I got super into it. I had troubled getting through the first episode. But wow. Every episode after (there are six in total) gets crazier and crazier. It’s absolutely one of those “stranger than fiction” scenarios.

FIVE // One-Liners with Barnabas and Madeline

These two mastiffs have become Insta-famous. They are the cheesiest couple, and I can’t get enough of their one-liners.